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Performs an audit of the software installed on the computers that have enabled the SNMP service
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30 April 2015

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This is a network audit software tool.

Computer networks beyond a small size could be difficult to inventory and audit all the changes happening. To be able to audit a software the audit tool should be able to find out the details of what software is installed. All other relevant details of these components will need to be noted and tracked. AuditAxon is a program designed to perform a remote software audit of computers working on the network. The number of computers that can be audited can be unlimited. Computers need to be SNMP enabled as this tool performs the audit through this protocol. All the devices on the network thus need to be SNMP enabled. It is possible to change the status of the license of the software to be audited. The options are "to be agreed", "purchased", "missing" and "free". Besides the date of the software, additional details collected are information on the system, memory, disks with the name, size and occupancy.

Reports generated out of audits can be in several formats, including PDF, XLS, and XML. Once you have the audit report, you know very clearly the license situation of all the software you have on the organization’s SNMP network. How these are to be managed could be strategized easily and what license/registrations are to be taken care of can be made out. The interface is simple, and most users will be able to get started very easily, does not need any particular technical skills. Software license status is listed on the display. This particular software tool is free to use. You’ll need to register it after 30 days of use though. This is a good tool.

Publisher's description

AuditAxon is software program developed in order to provide you with a quick and easy means of scanning all the computers in a SNMP network and discover the programs installed on each machine. This allow to set their 'License' status as one of the available options: 'To Be agreed', 'Purchased', 'Missing' or 'Free', each corresponding to a different situation. With this simple tool, you can easily determine the status of all the machines in your SNMP network and track their software license status, so you know how to handle each one individually or which needs you to purchase a registration key. Moreover, AuditAxon enables you to generate reports comprising all the returned information, allowing you to export them to various formats, namely XML, XLS or PDF.
Note: This version is free of charge. Simple registration is required after 30 days.
Version 2.4
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